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Bar Banter: Words with Friends

It is odd, that one of the most popular mobile apps/games of the recent year has been modified versions of Scrabble. When I got my first smart phone (yeah, yeah late on the bandwagon), I was excited to give these games a whirl. Being on an Android service, we had a limited selection… well we had WordFeud and that was about it.

Then a shining beacon of hope was flashed in the sky. We all stared up in amazement, Words with Friends would be coming to our OS, and it would allow for cross platform play. Finally, we have joined the big league!

And then we got the game, and it has probably been the most frustrating 3-4 months with a frigging app ever. I mean I understand it takes time to get these things up and running, but between not starting or random freezes when you start or games disappearing or whatever, the game is just a pain in the ass to enjoy. Its more of a hassle to finish a game then its worth most of the time. Hell, sometimes the damn thing doesn’t even tell me people went for days!

All I have to say whenever I try and enjoy this is I have a 4 letter word, that’s worth about 15 points naturally, 45 with a triple word score.

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