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DW’s 2012 Game of the Year Categories

We’ve entered a new year, which means its time to look back on the old. And as always, we’ll have a very special episode of Dual Wielding for that. But as we have done for the previous 2 years, we want to open up the lines for all of our fans to share their opinions as well. Much like last year, you are able to call-in, comment or send us an e-mail with your pick for any and all of these categories and we’ll include as many as we get into the show.

Call Us (Google Phone)- (347) 470-6373

E-Mail– DW@Nerdsontherocks.com (You can submit as text or as MP3 recording. Just make sure to note the latter)

Comment Below

Without further ado, here are our 2012 categories

  1. Best/Worst Game
  2. Best Weapon
  3. Best game that got you fired
  4. Best/Worst Character
  5. Best Franchise Revival
  6. Best Licensed Game
  7. Biggest Disappointment/Biggest Surprise
  8. Best Use of Motion in a Game
  9. Best Soundtrack
  10. Most Innovative
  11. Best Original Game Mechanic
  12. Best Subtitle
  13. Best Boss Fight
  14. Worst Box Art
  15. Achievement in Porting (A great port or a really screwed up port)
  16. Technical Achievement in Graphics
  17. Visual Achievement in Graphics
  18. Best Voice Acting
  19. Best Hairstyle
  20. Best Use of a New Console

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