Review Shooter: Green Lanterns Corps 60

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Tyler Kirkham

How quickly the mind of man changes, I literally just posted my Green Lantern review lamenting how I have grown tired of the series. Open up Corps, and realize I was sadly mistaken. The book and story still has so many twists and turns that it really gets you pumped to read the next story.

I’m beginning to think that this book suffers from Brightest Day syndrome, in that when it focuses on elements I really like its on fire, and when it doesn’t I grow bored. No surprise then that my two least favorite issues of the series so far have dealt with the Hal/Guy dynamic as seen in Emerald Warriors and this week’s Green Lantern issue. However, when the book puts a focus on any individual Lantern or Kyle/John, there’s few better joys in the world.

Getting ahead of myself though, this book picks up where Emerald Warriors ended many weeks ago with Kyle and John on a mission to free Mogo from Krona/Parallax’s influence. They of course reach the planet Lantern and try to make their way to his core. Of course, being comics nothing is that simple and they overcome various obstacles and distractions, but do make it to the core. What happens there, really is something to behold so there’s my teaser for the week.

The dialog is a lot sharper than in Green Lantern, and I find the dynamic of Kyle and John to be more interesting than Guy and Hal. I think part of the fun comes from watching Kyle try and come to grip with the power of the blue lantern ring, which he does use effectively in this book.

The art is solid, but sadly all of the stand out panels occur beyond my threshold of spoilers so you will need to purchase the book and see for yourself, but you get some fantastic shots!

New Reader Accessibility: 2 We’ll go with two as I said with the last book, we’re now 8 chapters into an arc that really has been building for months in the other 3 books, it isn’t the easiest or wisest place for anyone to jump in!

Recommendation: Check It! This is odd since I was iffy on the issue RIGHT before this, but this one is worth reading, and happily due to the way this story is structured, you don’t even need to read GL 66 to appreciate it!

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