Review Shooter: Green Lantern 66

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Doug Mahnke

The War of the Green Lantern rages on (Something I get to say twice more this week it seems) as Hal and Guy make their push for the Central Power Battery and to remove Parallax influence. Things don’t go as planned (how else would the story continue), and the two are captured. Krona reveals the next part of his plan, which leads to a most interesting cliffhanger.

The War of the Green Lantern has been a mixed saga for me thus far. While the premise is somewhat interesting, I do think it is time the stories kind of wound down just for a bit. The book has been in constant bigger and badder threat mode for like 3 years. And after a while, it just doesn’t phase the reader if this threat is bigger or badder because we don’t get time to settle in after the resolution before the next big thing happens or is in process of happening.

I don’t know what else to say about the issue. It had some cringe-worthy dialog. Such as “I’m Hal Jordan and I’ve never admit when I’m in over my head.” Followed by him saying, “I’m in over my head” on the same page. That’s a terrible set-up no matter how you cut it.

On the other hand, the art was fantastic in this book. There is something about the Rainbow warriors that just brings the pages to life. But check these out:

Who doesn’t love someone that is able to puke up a blood cat?

My favorite image of the book. Just look at those colors dance.

New Reader Accessibility: 2 There’s a ton of stuff that happens, some of it deals with the series, some of it deals with the set-up to the series, but whatever happens isn’t easily digestible for a new reader.

Recommendation: Read It– I still enjoy the Green Lantern books, but I don’t know they are slowly losing something to me. If you are already reading the series, it makes no sense to jump off now.

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