Review Shooter: Generation Lost 24

Writer: Judd Winick

Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Comic books are an investment. They are an investment of money and more importantly of time. While no one likes to waste money, I feel even more people loathe wasting time. Which is why comics have to walk such a fine line, you have to entertain your audience month to month, but you also have to make sure the story is compelling, intriguing and griping enough at the end. Because at the end of the day, was my investment in the story worth it?

So for the past year, Justice League: Generation Lost has pulled me from adventure to adventure. Some weeks were better than others, but it happens. But after a year, our journey is finally concluded. Do I feel that my year-long investment into the series was worth it? The short and sweet of it is yes. I would recommend anyone checking out the series in trades.

With that out of the way, how does the finale issue live up to the rest of the series? Does it end it on a proper note? I will say without spoiling too much, that the story may not wrap up in a suitable fashion for all, but with promises of things to come, I was pleased with the ending.

The story picks up where we left off two weeks ago with the reveal of OMAC Prime. Sure he sounds like a villain from Transformers, and in make-up of the story didn’t make sense, but Winick is quick to explain the character. And it makes sense. You begin to see just how far ahead of the pact Max Lord truly was. Speaking of Max Lord, we finally are treated to the confrontation between Booster Gold and Max Lord that they have been building to, and it was very satisfying. Once again, the end of their little duel may not be the best way to handle it, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

The battle between OMAC Prime and Wonder Woman and her colorful friends, and Max vs Booster make up the bulk of the issue. Almost all the major characters get their shining moment, and even the Dark Knight makes an appearance. There is something here for everyone!

The art as always is on point. I can’t remember a single issue throughout the year that had art I didn’t like. There’s so many panels and pages I want to share, but trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. Maybe when I do a Generation Lost retrospective.

As I stated at the top of the review, this book…this series comes with my highest recommendation. It was a thrill to read from beginning to end, and the future looks bright for Booster and his merry comrades! Recommendation: Buy It.

New Reader Accessibility: 1 Let’s be honest here, this is the final issue of a 24 part maxi-series that has been going on for a year. And even then it was a continuation of a big summer event so there’s a LOT of history built into it. Being the FINAL issue of that run means it also assumes a lot of familiarity with the characters and the plot. This would never be the right place to start.

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