Nostalgia with a Twist: Wonder Woman

It’s been a long time since I pulled out one of these, and I return to it with a twist… to the twist. Instead of dissecting the intro to the original Wonder Woman TV series, I’m going to use the lyrics as a basis of what Wonder Woman’s inclusion in the Man of Steel sequel means because in some ways it does seem fitting.


Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. 

This one is easy enough since the name of the character.

All the world’s waiting for you, 

The world has been waiting for you. Fans have been clamoring for more than a decade at this point for a Wonder Woman project of any capacity. A television show (we had that failed NBC pilot), animated or live-action, a movie, or more DTVs, but DC and Warner seemed really apprehensive at pursuing any of those projects. Until now, but it does bring some weight…

and the power you possess. 

I think this was the line that encouraged this article more than anything else. Marvel, DC, Image, you name it, Wonder Woman is the highest profile female character in comics today and really forever. The fact of the matter is a lot of the future of comic book properties in entertainment does rest on her shoulders. If she proves to be unsuccessful, it will definitely give Warner/DC cold-feet about pursuing more projects with female-leads.

But imagine what happens if she proves to be a success? Catwoman? Birds of Prey? Storm (just ditch Halle Berry)? Black Widow? It opens up the window for so much more!

In your satin tights, 

This is another interesting line because I feel Wonder Woman’s costume has always been a huge point of contention with fans, and I’m extremely curious to see where they go with this. One thing is for sure, Warner and DC really can’t claim sticking to the comic book roots when it comes to costume design since Batman’s costumes have always been custom designed for the movies because it doesn’t translate well. Take liberties that make sense for the character and the film.

Fighting for your rights 

This kind of ties into the line above about the power she possess. Like I said, Wonder Woman is the most high-profile female in comics, but it isn’t always something that DC lives up to with her. Unlike Superman and Batman, she isn’t the centerpiece of half a dozen comic series, she has never had her own solo animated series nor has she had a live-action series since the 70s. And clearly not a movie to her name. This is her chance to remind everyone why she is mentioned in the same breath with those two.

And the old Red, White and Blue.
Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
Now the world is ready for you, 

I think the world has always been ready for her, but perhaps it is her time to shine brighter than ever before!

and the wonders you can do. 

This is more for me, but really curious to see what powers they do bring over to her in films. The Invisible Jet always seemed like such a weird concept, and she’s been able to fly on her own for decades so which direction do they go. The Lasso of Truth? Another weird feature of the character. I like the notion of her using a lasso and sword to fight, but forcing people to tell the truth can go either way. I do hope the magic bracelets stay though!

Make a hawk a dove, 
Stop a war with love, 
Make a liar tell the truth. 

I got nothing!

Wonder Woman, 
Get us out from under, Wonder Woman. 
All our hopes are pinned on you. 
And the magic that you do. 

I’ve put a lot of pressure on Wonder Woman in this article, and most of it isn’t fair. There’s no reason she would need to prove herself more than Green Lantern, but it does exist. And our hopes and dreams for more Wonder Woman films are pinned on this movie.

I hope we get what we’ve been waiting for!

Stop a bullet cold, 
Make the Axis fall, 
Change their minds, and change the world. 

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. 
You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman.

I have no idea what this is, but wanted to get in on the Wonder Woman discussion train. There is more to come this weekend as we actually discuss the casting news and fallout.

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