151 Proof Movies: Showgirls Drinking Game

What does a former Saved by the Bell alumni do to shake the image of the uptight, but smart chick on the show? Why you do a movie in which you go from a stripper to a showgirl. That’s exactly what Elizabeth Berkley did after she graduated from the halls of Bayside High. The film Showgirls has quite the reputation. When it was originally released, it was met with less than favorable results, but in recent years it seems like opinion has softened on the film. It is now considered a cult classic.. we shall test that!

Let’s get to the rule book!

  1. Boobs!- I’m pretty sure this is the only reason that Swanny wanted to do this movie so he can have a rule about drinking for boobs. So every time you see a set on screen, take a drink!
  2.  I Feel Like Dancing!- Every time they say dance or refer to the girls as dancers, take a drink.
  3. Some Girls Just Wanna Cry- Whenever one of the girls is seen crying, take a drink.
  4. Run Like your Life Means It- Every time a character runs away from a scene, take a drink.
  5. Show Me the Colors- Every time a character introduces a new costume for a dance number or a stage performance, take a drink.

Showgirls shall be an interesting movie to check out for several reasons. One of the most important being it is a change of pace from our usual mix of action and horror films!

As always can follow along on Friday night using hashtag #151PM.

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