Review Shooter: Detective Comics #877

Cover by Jock

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock

Detective Comics #877 continues the “Hungry City” story from the last issue and sees Dick Grayson continuing his investigation of Bixby Rhodes, and his connection to Sonia Branch, a.k.a. Sonia ZUCCO.

Ever since the current duo took over TEC, each issue has kept great pace and always reveals enough to keep you interested, even in the “middle” issues, like this one. (Just to clarify by “middle” I mean, part two of three). This isn’t to say it’s a bad issue, far from it actually. On paper, it may seem like not a lot happens, but we do learn and see some things that set up what’s sure to be a great third act. There’s one plot point I’d like to bring up without spoiling it, but it involves the character of Sonia Branch, and it took the story in a direction I was glad to see it go. One thing I’ve liked about the current run on TEC, is the more grounded yet gothic feel to the book. While still being very Batman, it just feels more real than a lot of the other Batman work we’re seeing now. There’s also a nod to Year One in this issue that I’d just like to bring up since I’ve liked the nods throughout the current run, and I’m not sure if I’ve brought it up in my reviews yet.

Scott Snyder and Jock work hand-in-hand to create this interesting tone, and I had the realization that it reminds me David Fincher’s style, which is a huge compliment. While usually the tone in detective is just the regular Batman kind of thing, and there’s just detective work being done, this fits amazingly well with solving crimes in a city as screwed up as Gotham City is. Before I wrap up here, I just want to mention some of Jock’s art in this issue. Jock’s art is always great, but there’s a way he breaks up pages sometimes where he has one large image in the center and places everything around that image, and it just looks fantastic.

New Reader Accessibility Rating: 3. While it doesn’t rely on the previous story arcs too much, it does require you to read the last issue, otherwise you’ll be kind of confused.

Recommendation: BUY IT. Even if you haven’t read #876, it’s worth checking out. Try and find 876 as well though while you’re at it.


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