Review Shooter: Blackhawks #1

Writer- Mike Costa
Artists- Graham Nolan & Ken Lashley

Synopsis- The Blackhawks are a top secret, covert actions, military unit created by the U.N. They get sent in when the mission is too dangerous, or too insane to handle. With Bleeding edge technology at their disposal, they get the job done in style.


This series is basically GIJOE with an adult spin.

The first issue focuses on the female member, named Kunoichi, The Irishman, Atilla, Canada, and their leader Andrew Lincoln. There’s some nice hostage saving action in the beginning, and you get a feel for who these characters are. There is an artistic flub or perhaps a word bubble issue on page three. Kunoichi gets bitten by one of the bad guys, on the arm, but in the panel she’s reacting to it, he’s not biting her. It’s in the panel after the the next one, and sort of disrupts the flow. I would have thought an editor or someone would have caught that before print. You get to see their base of operations known as “The Eyrie”.  A bunch of vehicles, gadgets, and some story development. The characters are all rough and tumble kind of people. Sort of a military cliche, but what are ya gonna do?

Almost all of the members have nick names, Does that sound Familiar to you?

The artwork in this book is pretty. The dudes are tough and the ladies are hot. Also there are a lot of Impossible to draw poses and camera angles here and there, that are pulled off with loads of grace. The explosionsand Effects look great! The character motion/facial expressions are well done. I only have the one pacing complaint from the previous paragraph. The colors are effective, and the use of blacks is pretty cool.

As for the story itself, The first eight pages are a team of four saving some hostages. Who this group is that is holding them hostage isn;t revealed as of yet, so I guess that wasn’t important….  It’s very action packed,  however they have been spotted and the Blackhawks Logo has been put up on the internet. An unnamed Delegate is sent to The Eyrie to talk to Andrew Lincoln about why there are pictures of it in circulation. There’s also something going on with Kunoichi. It seems that bite she received earlier, had weaponized nanites in the saliva of the bad guy she took out. Then the book just ends.  I’m curious as to what happens next with both of them.

Survival Scale- Live! Or at least I hope it does. Like I said before it’s basically GIJOE with an adult spin on it. That’s probably the best analogy I can come up with for this book.

Reccommendation: Borrow it

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