Review Shooter: Batman Gates of Gotham #3

Story: Scott Snyder & Kyle Higgins
Writers: Kyle Higgins & Ryan Parrott
Art: Trevor McCarthy

Batman: Gates of Gotham #3 picks up after the explosions of last issue, and continues to follow Dick, Damian, Tim and Cassandra as they struggle to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

One of my favourite parts of this mini has been how well the character relationships are executed, and that’s true again this issue. They really feel like family who trusts each other, and rely on each other, except of course for Damian who has issues with Cassandra. We also get to see Damian and Tim working together, which is always interesting. On top of their relationships, we also get a good sense of how much they’ve changed and grew since Bruce’s “death”, which is rarely showed off subtlety.

Another great part of this series is the part of the narrative that takes place when Gotham is building up (literally). While the other issues sent up the other bridges, here we learn the origin of the larger Gotham bridge, as well as the fate of one of the brothers behind it. This part has almost been more captivating than modern stuff, and this issue certainly helps that.

Trevor McCarthy’s artwork is excellent once again. Everyone looks unique, and like real people, even in costume. He does expressiveness well, which really makes Damian stand out since he’s never too pleased with anyone, and has a constant bored and angry look to him. The flashback stuff keeps up the quality, but it definitely feels different enough that it seems like the 1890s, and doesn’t take you out of the book.

New Reader Accessibility Rating: 3. Three issues in is not a good jumping on point. Try and find the first two, and then read this.

Recommendation: BUY IT! This is an excellent issue that Bat-fans should check out.


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