Review Shooter: Batman: The Dark Knight 1

Writer: David Finch & Paul Jenkins
Artist: Paul Jenkins & David Finch

Batman is no stranger to being home in multiple titles. As far back as I could remember, there has always been at least 3-4 Batman on-goings (and that doesn’t include the Bat-family or Gotham-centric books). So of course, it came as no surprise that Batman would have multiple titles in the relaunch. While we’ve covered Detective Comics and Batman already, Batman: The Dark Knight is the final piece of the puzzle. The question is, is it needed, though?

Batman: The Dark Knight starts off with Bruce Wayne giving a speech which is overlaid to Batman arriving to the area in which he is giving the speech. We see him descend from the Batplane and cross over to the building while changing into a suit and tie. I tell you this as part of a summary, but also because the comic shows it, and for the life of me, I don’t get why. I guess they wanted to show some Batman action early? But he really does nothing, but change into Bruce Wayne.

Then we are shown the scene inside of the reception, where Bruce rubs elbows with congressmen and the likes. Until he is interrupted by an Gotham PD Internal Affairs officer, who questions his funding of the Batman because he feels like they have an inside man/woman on the Gotham PD and he wants names. This is interrupted in turn by what I shall call the Bat-girl of the year because let’s be honest most of these women are disposable outside of Vicki Vale, Selina Kyle and Talia for the most part. She is the daughter of some dude and a Bollywood actress. They flirt for a bit, and then she is never again seen in the comic.

Just because apparently we haven’t had any type of progress in this issue, there is a huge break-out at Arkham Asylum (you really have to question the facility’s security after all these years), and of course Batman shows up and realizes there’s a bigger plan afoot. The comic ends with a cliffhanger, that left me shaking my head more than wanting to go forward with it. If you’ve bested Batman: Arkham Asylum, let’s just say it appears someone is borrowing the Titan formula for himself.

While the comic really did nothing for me, the art is really really good. I mean Gotham comes to life in the skyline pic that opens the comic, and Batman truly does seem larger than life in several panels. Even the scenes with Bruce are handled remarkably well.

Survival Rating: Live As much as I don’t think there is a point in having this series, it is a Batman comic and let’s be honest, it takes a lot to can one of those. Not to mention of the 3 Batman comics to relaunch, it seems to be the most traditional and “safe” series of them all. It really does cater to the uber grim and gritty Batman that so many love without being anything more.

Recommendation: Avoid It- I mean if you go to your local comic shop, I would flip through the pages for some lovely art, but don’t take it out of the store with you!

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