Review Shooter: Avenging Spider-man 2

Avenging Spider-man #2
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Joe Madureira
Review by Anthony Lopes

I know what you’re thinking, “Another comic with old web-head in it?” Well that’s what I was thinking when I heard this was coming out. Don’t get me wrong, Spidey is my all time favourite Superhero but it’s a little overwhelming since he’s in so many stories. He has his own series, he’s in the Future Foundation, New Avengers and until most recently, was in the Avengers. Here we have him teamed up with the Red Hulk and let me tell you, it’s a perfect pairing.

This series started off strong with a battle between the Avengers and a giant robot. After they defeat the robot, Spider-man needs a lift back to New York and the Red Hulk gets stuck taking him. On their way they get stopped by a swarm of creatures who capture J Jonah Jameson and bring him to their underground layer. Spidey and the Red Hulk now have to save J.J. from these savage beings.

Avenging Spider-man is non-stop action and humour, and is a lot of fun to read. Zeb Wells does an amazing job pairing up these two characters and having them bickering at each other like an old married couple. Having written Spider-man titles in the past, Zeb knows how to write a perfect Spider-man and really bring out his personality and humour.

The art is a deal breaker for me on any comic, I need to feel connected to the pages, have the colours stand out and be wowed. Joe Madureira does just that,  it is phenomenal.  His art is known to have aspects of the Japanese manga style and you can really see it in this. joe is known for his work on Uncanny X-Men and on the video game the Darksiders.

So if your question was “Why should I read another Spider-man story?” My answer is that this team up from Spidey and the Red Hulk can’t be missed. You get everything in this book, from action, comedy and not to mention a huge cliff hanger at the end of this issue.

New Reader Accessibility: 5 – You won’t be lost if you are starting from issue 2 but, If you’re really interested in reading this, just pick up issue 1 as well, it’s a great read.

Recommend: Buy It – This comic is the whole package, the writing and art are amazing, this comic shouldn’t be passed on. Plus if you purchase it on the day it comes out, you get a code for a free digital copy.

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