Top 7 Comic Book Animated Series Theme Songs

Comic books have graced the small screen for more than half a century at this point. Characters from Marvel, DC and even Archie Comics have appeared in countless animated series.

And for many of these shows, our first introduction to them are through those gnarly tunes that become ear-worms for a generation. With Justice League Action set to premiere this week, and a new Spider-man series in the works for 2017, we thought it would be a good time to examine our favorite theme songs from comic book cartoon’s past!

So suit-up, it’s countdown time!

7. The Mask – Hey, he sings his own theme song, who else can say that? Also the song is just the right level of zany and upbeat to match the energy of the show!

6. Batman: The Brave and The Bold – Sometimes, it helps to just standout. The theme song is a throwback to a bygone era, but one that was light on superhero fare so the Brave and the Bold’s theme is different, it’s loud, it’s proud and it’s gets you jazzed.

5. Justice League – Simply majestic. Matched with the intro of the League slowly walking into frame, this is perhaps the most complete package of an intro.

4. Bucky O’Hare – One of those properties that go under the radar as being based off of a comic, but the theme is catchy and action-packed.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Is there any song on this list that is so closely tied to its respective property as a whole? What kid didn’t know that Leonardo leads and Donatello does machines?

2. X-Men: The Animated Series – You may not even have seen the show, but every comic book fan knows this rocking theme. We dare you to give it a listen and not feel pumped up and ready to kick mutant ass!

1. Spectacular Spider-man – This has everything you would want from a theme song. It has an upbeat tempo, a catchy hook and lyrics that helps explain an aspect of the series, in this case Spider-man himself.

Honorable Mentions

Batman: The Animated Series – No song more perfectly matches its opening animation than this one, but we wanted to disqualify it on the grounds of just retrofitting the theme from the movie.

The Batman – It’s catchy and funky, but tonally makes no sense with the show they are trying to selling.

The 1960s Spider-man – We wanted to stick to a single entry in any given franchise, and Spectacular Spider-man is just a hair better.

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