Review A Bad Game Day: Readers’ Choice

Today has been decreed “Review A Bad Game Day”, you can see our review on the main page as we discuss Shadow the Hedgehog. But we’re always interested in hearing what our community has to say. Instead of forcing them to play through a bad game and offer up a review though, we simply asked them on Twitter and on the forums, “What is the worst game you’ve ever played?” Below, you will find some of the answers we got!

LitrockBebe’s Kids.

GrubberGamerFriday The 13th

Daniel Switzer- Sims 3D. To sum it up, the original PC Sims was a better game than the 3DS version ever will be.

Adam ChasePlayStation Move Heroes

AceBandage- A tie between Gran Turismo 3 (the cars cheated, I swear!) and Lugaru HD. Awful mess with awful controls.

ZephyrGamgee- ICO. It was painful to play, I forced myself to finish it though.

Jasoco- Not the worst but Raze’s Hell. Bought on recommendation. Was so boring. Never finished or got far at all. Disappointed really.

mattyowens12- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, absolute garbage. Never playing it again 🙂

DeggisFox- James Bond, Jr.” for the SNES. Shit premise, shit controls, shit game.

keltar93Will Fight for Food 

Ren85_Leisure Suit Larry

zacharybrite- Trigger Man is easily the Shittiest game I’ve actually played. Absolutely terrible

AverageCharles- Dead Island, Duke Nukem Forever,  and Sonic 06

JakeBaldinoInversion and Amy. 

WhaleyMaxRed Dead Redemption 

realjesterspawn-  I remember being very disappointed with Shaq Fu back in the day. The delay between input & action was inexcusable.

Nytro_Nintendo- Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes (N64) looked cool but the controls sucked! AND Most levels were impossible but level 3 was too easy!

ElDoofo- Justice League: Task Force (SNES). Controls were terrible and generic. Graphics completely unpolished, plus many a mullets.

Wanyal-  Probably Darkest of Days. Its like they took the book of good FPS design and did the exact opposite of everything inside it.

nightmareballa1- Street Fighter: The Movie...yep its worse than the actual movie.

C_McWilliams- Busby 3D on the Playstation. Even as a kid I knew it was bad.

Professor S- Superman 64. Holy ^&%$ that was bad. I spent most of the time flying through rings and I still don’t know why. Also, the draw distance was so bad you thought Superman had glaucoma…

Combine 017- One of the worst though would have to be Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad.

We’ll be updated the post as we get more responses, and as always feel free to add your own pick in the comments section.

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