151 Proof Gaming: NFL Blitz

We mentioned before that the “151 Proof” brand wasn’t just limited to movies. We even did one for Batman: TAS earlier in the year. With Extra-Life a day away, we got some willing participants to do a 151 Proof Gaming. This is all new-ground for all of us involved so as always we have no idea how these rules will actually work out in practice!

The first game we’re going to try is NFL Blitz. It works because it’s a head to head game with some heavy arcade elements. Let’s get to the rulebook!

  1. In Your Face– Every time your opponent scores a touchdown, take a drink.
  2. Butterfingers– If your team fumbles the ball, take a drink. If the other team intercepts a toss, take 2 drinks.
  3. Brave Soul– If you attempt a 2-point conversion and succeed, your opponent takes a drink. If you attempt and fail, take 2 drinks yourself.
  4. Sack of Potatoes– If your quarterback gets sacked, take a drink. If he fumbles the ball, finish your drink.
  5. He’s On Fire– If a player from your team gets on fire, your opponent drinks for every turn he remains on fire.
  6. Winner’s Choice– The winner of the game gets to decide if their opponent takes a few drinks or finishes what they have.

There you have it. Come back tomorrow (we’ll provide a live-stream) to see the rules in action!

Earl Rufus

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