151 Proof Movies: Power Rangers Drinking Game

This is gonna be a slightly expanded 151 Proof Movies as we would like to extend these rules to drinking while watching the Power Rangers TV show as well. Let’s face facts if you are reading this and watching the show, probably should be drinking anyhow.

A minor history lesson for those of you who don’t know who the Power Rangers are, 5000 years ago Rita Re.. you know what not gonna do this.

This is taken from the 500th episode of the series, and does it much better than I can.

We’re not here for a history lesson, we’re here for some drinking so as they say, It’s Drinking Time!

  • Its Morphin’ Time, this one is simple take a drink for each morphing sequence. Just to be clear, a morphin sequence is when any of the Rangers decide to morph, if they do it as a group that’s ONE sequence, but if 2 do it and then like 30 seconds later the other 3 do it, that’s two separate sequences.
  • We Need Megazord Power” Take a drink whenever the Rangers summon their Megazord. Take a shot if their Megazord is defeated/destroyed.
  • Take a drink if they decide to fight in their individual zords before forming the Megazord because we know no monster ever gets defeated with the full Megazord.
  • Anytime they use their weapons, not often but the Rangers (at least the original ones) carried blasters and they also had their own custom weapon, but hardly used it. Take 2 shots if they actually combine their weapon and use it. Finish your drink if that actually kills the monster.
  • This is more catered towards the TV show, but anytime the Rangers are knocked out of their Megazord take a drink.
  • Excessive moment, when the Rangers decide to do 50 backflips instead of walking or when they take 10 seconds to jump up and down after doing a move instead of you know fighting, take two drinks.
  • Make my monster grow!” Whenever the monster is down and some force/person/wand decides to make it grow, why don’t they do that from the get go who knows, take 2 drinks!
  • Take a drink for needless plot exposition, whether its Rita/Zedd/Big Bad explaining why their plan will finally work or Zordon/Mentor explaining to the Rangers the new, grave threat that they face.

This should be more than enough to get your Mighty Morphin Drunken State on, but as always we will taste these rules and make sure they are up to snuff.

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