NYCC 19: Trailer Talk

One of the most fascinating things about being at a convention, is while you are there, you really don’t know what is going on outside of your own bubble/world. This post is partially for me, but also for anyone else who wants to catch-up on all the trailers/footage released for movies, TV and games during New York Comic Con this year.

Marvel’s Avengers – Let’s start for a big one, and one I was personally in attendance for, the reveal of the main character of Marvel’s Avengers as Miss Marvel aka Kamala Khan is revealed to be in the game.

The Walking Dead (Third Series) – If there’s one franchise that has become the unofficial face of New York Comic Con, it would be the Walking Dead so it is only fitting that the third series in the TV franchise got revealed during the annual Walking Dead panel.

Star Trek (Discovery Season 3 and Picard) – It was a big weekend for Trekkies, as we got not one but two trailers for the CBS All-Access brand.

Marvel Realm of Champions – Yeah, I know not everyone loves mobile games, but “Contest of Champions” has remained a pillar of the Marvel brand and it’s finally getting a sequel of sorts that looks interesting.

Marvel’s Runaways – The gang returns for a third season and come face to face with Cloak and Dagger.

Lost in Space – Have you seen my robot? The Robinsons are back for another season of danger and intrigue as they venture to new worlds and try to track down their robot.

Riverdale – The crazy kids of Riverdale are back for another season of crazy high school hijinks… if they ever actually attend class. I don’t know!

Devs – A brand new series coming to FX. We get the faintest of teases in this teasers.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? – A phrase that haunted a generation is back to frighten a new set of pre-teens and teens, and New York Comic Con was home to the first clip from the reboot.


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