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Nostalgia with a Twist: Small Wonder

Now during the first installment of Nostalgia with a Twist, I made reference to the fact that I had never seen Bucky O’Hare, which is true, but I had some idea what the show was. For this latest installment, I have taken a request from @aviciouskoala on Twitter (And if you want to request a show, you could either leave a comment or follow @GameTavernNews on Twitter).

The show in question? Small Wonder! Now from the name I would imagine its an adaption of Thumbelina, but I assume at this point Disney has the rights to it in some fashion. So enough guess work, let’s get to the intro.


First off, this song starts off WAY too chipper. NO ONE is ever THAT happy. I mean what did they drown the song in a bowl of sugar before recording it?

Okay so my first prediction may still be correct. According to the song, the “small wonder” refers to a girl so Thumbelina is still in the running.

She sounds like a swell gal, I mean she’s so “pretty and bright” and apparently has “soft curls.” Now I’m not gonna hate on her curls, but I don’t know the difference between hard and soft curls, my hair can’t curl no matter what I dump in it so the last line means NOTHING!

And they just continue pouring on the praises for this girl. I mean she is a “Girl unlike other girls”, “she’s a miracle” (and people say I have an ego, there aren’t that many songs written about me and most of them aren’t this kind, but I’m not jealous….) and she’ll “Enchant you at her sight?” Okay Thumbelina or not, this chick sounds like a catch.

I should also reference that so far we haven’t seen this “small wonder” on screen yet, I could be wrong. But I assume that the one chick they showed so far isn’t her or this song is a giant LIE!

I should also note that I’m like half way through the intro and they’ve said “Small wonder” at least 110 times at this point so its one of those shows that won’t let you forget the name of it in the song!

And by golly Miss Molly, I think we have found our “small wonder” and its a giant doll robot person. She has circuitry in her back that reminds me of dolls my sisters (yes not fictional “Sisters”, only action figures here… and the occasion stuffed animal, shaddup!) use to have growing up. Maybe this is what passed for robotics whenever this show aired? And god I hope it aired before 1984 because I can’t imagine someone making a show that makes robots look friendly after Terminator! Do they not know the threat robots pose to mankind?

Oh gawd, I think she’s armed, she just turned and winked at me, and I know that’s robot speak for I’m going to kill you and all your kind (yes, I took a course in robotics, I’m sorry but Skynet is real!)

Now there’s a lot to digest in the next 5 seconds or so after the little robot girl winked at me with death in her eyes, she turns to some random boy who is in the room with her, and he stares. I think that may be John Connors, I’m not 100% sure, but would make sense he would be at the front-line. Even creepier though, is some random little girl who has a crap-eating grin on her face staring in at them from the outside. I don’t even know what this song is trying to promote.

Visuals aside, the song also starts to explain that she is made of “plastic” so I guess I was right on her being one of those robotic doll things. One could only fathom that she is the pre-cursor to Chucky? And she has “microchips here and there,” now I’m no computer expert, but shouldn’t the only place she have microchips be here? What good does microchips “there” serve her? Its like saying you have pants at home, if you aren’t wearing them they do nothing for you!

It appears that John Connor is brokering a day with our new robot overlord as his parents (I assume they are parents, they aren’t doing anything really) look on approvingly! I hope they understand they have signed our doom!

The intro ends with the boy trying to get some robot girl… well this is still a family friendly site so you can draw your own conclusions!

I would go through the visual part of the intro here usually, but had to cover it up top for the most part. The only thing of note that I really missed was the introduction of these “parental” units, and from what I saw they really don’t serve a purpose in the show other than catering to our new robot master and her human bff.

This may sound odd, but the show comes with my highest recommendation because I think its required viewing to understand our enemy during the eventual robot war.

So remember watch this show, and take notes. You’ll never know when it will come in handy.

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2 Responses

  1. Derek says:

    I look at “Small Wonder” as the Trojan Horse of Robot Alliance. What better way to retrieve valuable intel than to send, what appears to be, such an innocent little girl to gain the trust of American families everywhere.

  2. Brandly says:

    I forgot all about that show! I remember watching it back in the day.

    Vicky the robot… I wonder if she stayed the same after all these years…

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