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Nostalgia with a Twist: Bucky O’Hare

There’s an old expression that “you should never judge a book by its cover” and while that expression generally works well, here at Nerds on the Rocks like to do things a bit different. Some might even say we like to do it with a twist.

So instead of√ā¬†marathoning√ā¬†through a single season of a TV show and give you an in-depth analysis of its good and bad qualities, studying the character development or even the animation style, we’re going to judge a book by its cover.

Or in this case, we will examine the merits of a TV show based solely on the content of its intro.

First show up is Bucky O’Hare, a show that I’ve personally never seen so my opinions of it can not be tainted by anything but the intro.


The first thing you will notice while listening to the extremely catchy theme song is this is one of the shows which is kind enough to explain the entire plot and premise in its theme song.

From the theme song, we can decipher that the main character is Captain Bucky O’Hare. The show takes place in a parallel universe, or as they say “another time and space.” So just from the first few lines, we’ve established Who, Where and When. A good start and the show has caught my interest.

Continuing on, we learn about the Toad Wars, which one can only assume is the crux of the show’s plot. We also learn that Bucky is not alone in his adventures, he is accompanied by “Jenny, Deadeye, Blinky, and Willy DuWitt.” So now we have more Whos and even a Why to a degree.

The rest of the song pretty much goes on to explain why Bucky is such a bad-ass and why villains should fear him.

Based on the song alone, I would recommend the show. It sounds like a thrilling space opera starring animals. But let’s also break down the video.

First, we get signs of great danger as Bucky (I assume he’s the green rabbit since he is most shown in the intro and because the song specifically says he’s a rabbit) and his gang of friends being chased on the ground. Soon, he is magically transported to his space ship? And then we find that he is being chased by dozens of let’s go with Frog Ships here.

We are able to see how this war has torn the planet apart as a charging army tramples a poor defenseless, space teddy bear. I can’t make this stuff up really.

Then the demented rabbit (he has a solar system in his eyes, its scary!) decides to use an air raid on people on the ground? (How is he the hero in that?) And it only gets better as it looks like his friends squash 3 ground soldiers with a vehicle. Really, the heroes seem like monsters right now!

Oh snap! Blink and you may miss it, but apparently in all of this there is some random human kid! How’d he get involved in this war? And why is he the only human?

The rest of the intro plays out as a homage to how awesome Bucky and his friends are as you can tell that the enemies apparently don’t stand a chance when Bucky is on his game so I don’t know how they fill 20 minutes at a time when Bucky can apparently demolish his foes in say a minute?

Review on the Rocks: Based on the intro, I would recommend “Good Time With Friends”

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