Nerds on the Rocks: Don’t Call it a Reboot!

What a week for comic fans.

DC came out of nowhere to announce a slate of 24 new books from old and new stars and old and new creative teams. We sit down to tackle all of those announcements and the killing of “The New 52” brand.

Not to be outdone, Marvel took to the airwaves to announce the first-ever, all-female Avengers team, A-Force, and we break down that announcements and details.

An exciting time to be a comic fan and we’re here to discuss it.

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Earl Rufus

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1 Response

  1. David Rose says:

    I’m so glad you guys touched up on the fact that DC is CLEARLY not going for a reboot … I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard refer to it as that and it just drives me nuts! Refresh, is a very good term. Anyhow, great show!

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