The Music of The Flash/Supergirl: Duet

Always happy when you can add to such a storied collection, like we did many years ago for the Music of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and even Batman 66, we present to you the musical numbers from the Flash/Supergirl crossover, “Duet.”

While not all the songs were original, it was nice to hear the cast get to belt out some tunes. We begin with the introduction of the “villain” of the episode, Meet the Music Meister.

While Barry gets “whammied” in this episode, Kara was attacked at the end of the previous night’s Supergirl so we are introduced to her via song, Moon River.

Even though we know it was a musical, Barry and Kara had to be convinced it existed so we get this fun melody from the Music Meister and a lot of the supporting cast, Put a Little Love in Your Heart.

A pivot moment in this not-West Side Story musical as the two families decide to put aside their differences for their children, More I Cannon Wish.

Kara and Barry decide it’s time to finish the musical with an original number that harkens back to the yesteryear of the DC Universe as they prove to be “Superfriends.”

Finally the only song that takes place out of the dream world, and in essence the only song that moves the plot for the series forward, “Runnin Home To You.”

There’s all the musical numbers, a full review of the episode will also be posted on the site.

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