The Music of Batman: The Brave and The Bold

From the first episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold, fans and detractors alike, were able to tell this would be unlike any other Batman show on television. Sure, in some ways it reminds the audience of Adam West’s television series, but it also has a bit of Batman: The Animated series mixed in and let’s not forget Batman’s ever expanding roster of partners.

I for one have always been a huge fan of the show. I love the animation style and the light-hearted take on Batman. That doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have its more serious moments as well, and they handle it remarkably well.

That said, when this show started almost 2 and half years ago, I don’t think I or anyone else expected it to have such a musical basis. Granted, the show has only had a few musical numbers, but would you have imagined ANY Batman show coming out with half a dozen songs? Let alone an entire musical episode?

I decided to compile this list after watching the most recent episode, Night of Batmen, which had a new musical number in the cold open. Grey and Blue as sung by Vigilante.

Before this, was an excellent number written in Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey episode. This song is probably filled with one or two sexual references, see if you can catch them all!

Never one to be left out of the loop, The Joker shows his vocal talents in the song below:

PlasticMan shows his patriotism in this episode as he brings Uncle Sam back to power:

Finally, we come to Mayhem of the Music Meister, which started this long relationship with music. As we have Neil Patrick Harris starring as the titular Music Meister, in the first and to date, only musical episode of the show. And pretty much only musical superhero episode I know of.

The episode features a ton of great songs, but first we need to introduce our main villain!

In this song, we get to hear Grodd, Black Canary, Black Manta and several other heroes and villains sing and dance. Then we get a song about what everyone in Arkham and Blackgate must feel, how Batman Drives them Bats:

Now we have Black Canary singing about Batman’s heroics and her unrequited love for him:

Batman and Black Canary get kidnapped at the end of that song, and of course what would a good villain be without gloating! Instead of monologuing though, the Music Meister sings a song about his Death Trap:

Now that he thinks that Batman and Black Canary are out of the picture, we get a final plan song! And the only instance of Batman actually using his vocal talents in the episode!

And finally, the episode ends with a reprise of the “If Only” song this time sung by Black Canary and Green Arrow.

Thank you for joining us for this musical journey! We’ll update the article if/when the show features any new music.

Update 1:

Aquaman got his moment to shine as well with his Rousing Song of Heroism!

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3 Responses

  1. Erika says:

    Do you have the guitar chords to Grey and Blue, and would you mind sending them to me?


    • M says:

      My little brother asked me to teach it to him today and I didn’t have time to transcribe it 100% exactly, but these seem to work quite well, the strumming is typical country pattern, base and strum:

      There was a man from Gotham – ‘Amin’
      In the Batmobile – ‘C’ he rode – ‘ Amin’
      Defending the defenseless – ‘Amin’
      It’s to him I sing – ‘F’ this ode – ‘Amin’
      With his Hammers – ‘F’ of Justice – ‘C’
      He struck down every – ‘G’ foe – ‘Amin’
      Safety for our – ‘Amin’ families – ‘F’
      It’s this to him – ‘G’ we owe – ‘Amin’

      Grey and blue – ‘Amin’
      Grey and blue – ‘C’
      The man from Gotham
      Wore the grey and blue – As with the first part of the verse – F to C to G to Amin

      And this goes on throughout the song.
      Later on, when he starts speaking, the chords are, I think, C to F to G to Amin

  2. Fortress Guy says:

    It was too late in season three to right this sinking ship, and honestly we do not think the series runners wanted to change.

    Here is our take with a lot of pics and a little humor (which you will need) if your are interested:

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