151 Proof Games: Mario Party Drinking Game

The latest Mario Party adventure has hit the Nintendo Switch this year, and I thought it would be fun to revisit one of the earliest drinking games in my formative years… the Mario Party Advanced drinking game, my friends and I created in college. Now I must warn you when you’re 20, you think you’re invincible and I’m not quite sure these rules won’t kill you as an adult, but it would be fun to try!

The following rules are based on the number rolled by any player, each round.

1 – Player currently in first place takes 1 drink
2 – Player currently in second place takes 1 drink
3 – Player currently in third place takes 1 drink
4 – Player currently in fourth place takes 1 drink
5 – Give 1 drink
6 – No one drinks
7 – Everyone drinks except the person who rolled the 7
8 – Girls
9 – Guys
10 – Social

House Rules:

Whenever the number rolled, used to determine the player order comes up, 1 drink for the player who rolled it at the beginning and 1 drink for the player who rolled it at the time

  • If you use an item, take 1 drink
  • If you lose a mini game, take 1 drink
  • If you win the 4v4, give 1 drink
  • If you land on any red circle, 1 drink
  • If done intentionally, modifying the star (ie. moving, stealing, etc.), results in a 5 second chug
  • The loser of the game finishes his/her cup OR takes a shot
  • The winner of the game gets to make up 1 rule

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