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Just Imagine…

Ladies and gentlemen, with the current influx of superhero and comic book related movies springing up. We here at Nerds on the Rocks felt it was only fair to express our desire for one of comic’s greatest characters to get her own movie.

Sure, we have Batman and Superman, Spiderman and Wolverine, but the true unsung hero of the comic book world deserves her turn. We of course are referring to the one and only…


Sure, you may have heard us joke about the quality of Jubilee as a character on a few podcasts, but that was all in good humor. For secretly, deep, deep, deep down inside, each of us feels a tinge of pain when we hear about the latest X-men movie not featuring the GREATEST X-men of all time. I mean really no one likes Wolverine or Cyclops or Storm or Gambit, it has been and shall always be about Jubilee.

I mean come on, she has one of the most UNIQUE powers in ALL of comic-dom, not just on the X-men. I can honestly say I know of no character in comics or fiction who has her powers.

So get out your petitions, get your comics.. and let’s get Jubilee: The Movie Made!

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  1. Swan says:

    Doesn’t Dazzler have the exact same power set, Just with more disco?

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