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Nerds on Valentine’s Around the World

This year instead of beating several dead horses to death, we’re just going to share some of our favorite Valentine’s Day images for your viewing pleasure.

Portal Valentine’s- This is just awesome.

Valentine’s Day Penis Card- We’re immature, what can we say?

Mario and Peach Kiss- Gaming’s first couple

Call me Maeyb- A somewhat topical pun and Arrested Development, what more could you ask for!

RPG Valentine’s- I want to say Final Fantasy, but I also don’t want to be screamed at if I’m wrong!

Magneto Valentine’s Day- He’s ATTRACTED to you.. I’m sorry!

Darth Vader Valentine’s- Was trying to stick with one per style, but REALLY loved both of these. So your heart belongs to the Dark Side.

Minecraft Valentine’s- This is pretty straight and to the point!


Mass Effect Valentine’s- All pretty punny

Gotta Love them All- Pokemon Valentine’s Cards

Animal Crossing- I just love this for the word play!

Zelda Valentine’s-

LoTR Valentine’s- One Does Not Simply

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