151 Proof Movies: House of the Dead Funny Edition Drinking Game





The question that defines Halloween for many of us since childhood, but why does it need to be a binary choice… why can’t something be both a trick AND a treat. We are here to prove something can be both delightful and scary as we revisit the House of the Dead… Director’s Cut.

Sadly there’s no actual trailer for the Funny Version (aka the Director’s Cut) so I hope you enjoy the trailer of the vanilla version and hope that our drinking game help paints a more colorful version of what to expect.

It’s time to enter the House of the Dead!

  1. Death Becomes Us – Whenever a human is killed in the film, take a drink. We don’t value zombie lives nearly as much!
  2.  Take a Drink Whenever a Cheesy One-Liner is Uttered– If you’ve ever played the House of the Dead series, you know cheesy one-liners are the norm. I would expect nothing less from an adaption. I would honestly feel ripped off if it didn’t have bad dialogue!
  3.  Every Time Footage from the Game is Used– I haven’t seen the movie before, but I do remember this being a criticism against the film when it came out. So why not celebrate it with a drink?
  4. The Teen Rule– This is a bit vague, and kind of combines several horror rules. But the usual stupid teenage rules, drinking, sex, random cleavage shots, all deserve drinks. But only if done by the teenagers, not by adult figures in the movie (if there are any)
  5. Special Infected – Whenever a special zombie appears (someone who carries a weapon or can speak or sprints faster), take a drink.
  6. House of the Pop-Up – Take a drink whenever an onscreen pop-up appears.
  7. Uwe Boll Presents … – Whenever the movie gets meta, take a drink.
  • SEGA – For a special shot, when the SEGA logo appears in the movie, take a shot of the good stuff.

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