Horror Hangover: Horror Franchise Face-Off

There are really two schools of horror movie icons. There were the original monster movies, which we kind of covered before but would deal with your Draculas, Wolfmen, Frankstein’s monsters and mummies.

Then there was the resurgence in the late 70s/early 80s of what became known as the slasher films. And out of that emerged a handful of horror icons. Like any great set of characters, people were attracted to some more than others so we are here to take the gloves off as fans pick their favorite slasher star.

Michael Myers- Halloween

We all have that one family member who is just a little bit off. We never really talk about it though. Michael Myers kind of takes it to the extreme. You know becoming a murderer and all.

Jason Voorhes- Friday the 13th

Camp can be tough for kids (or so I’ve been told, never went), but I mean drowning because the camp counselors were a bit careless and off doing other things is a terrible way to go. So we can excuse Jason when he came back to life and decided to slaughter every on the camp grounds. I don’t know if we can excuse him for doing it almost a dozen times though.

Freddy Krueger- Nightmare on Elm St

We’ve all had nightmares as kids. We’ve all imagined the boogie man at some point in our life. For many of us (including yours truly), he took the form of a man in a really bad sweater and burnt face because of this movie. There’s nothing worse than being attacked in your dreams. (I guess aside from actually being attacked)

Chucky- Child’s Play

Sure, you look at him and the first thing you see is the fact that he is a ginger (eww gross!), but then you look again and you notice he is also a doll, and you think well that’s not so bad. Then he pulls out a knife and tries to kill you in your sleep and you realize how defenseless you really are.

I believe these are the big four of the second wave of horror icons, I could be wrong, so write in. Who’s your favorite? Which had the best movie? Which probably should have died the first time? And anything else in the oh so lovely comment section below!

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4 Responses

  1. Evil Pilgrim says:

    Chucky Rules. nuff said.

  2. Diego says:

    Dude, no love for the Leprechaun?

    • I like what you had said but a ginger haired doll ew gross is right he is the disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. Would you agree with me on that one right there .

  3. Wooden Pint says:

    Think the picture you have for Voorhes or Vorhes or however you spell it is an amateur. The machete looks like a plastic knockoff you get at a costume shop.

    I almost want to say there is a third horror movie icon you are forgetting but then I remember that they are still pretty modern and we can’t tell if they will be remembered.

    I’m talking about the japanese, weird thriller little kid monsters. Such as The Ring or The Grudge or…..well that’s all I can think of.

    Maybe not the best argument

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