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Ask a Dork: Favorite RPG Class

Typically what is your favorite class to play as in an RPG and why? Let’s talk about dragoons. I’ve always been a fan of dragoon characters. Originally referring to mounted infantry, who were trained...


Nerds on the Rocks 169: These are Not the Headlines, You Seek

Its time to catch-up on the news! Earl and Dan discusses the last few months in news including the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, Superman/Batman going head-to-head with Captain America 3, Amazon FireTV,...

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Horror Hangover: Horror Franchise Face-Off

Horror Hangover: Horror Franchise Face-Off

There are really two schools of horror movie icons. There were the original monster movies, which we kind of covered before but would deal with your Draculas, Wolfmen, Frankstein’s monsters and mummies. Then there...