Hangover: Triangle (2009) Review

Groundhog Day! It’s one of my favorite movie. A cliche I know but oh well, I’m Basic. And in honour of Groundhog Day, we decided to pick something similar in theme. And boy did we kind of, sort of, just barely meet those requirements!

triangle-KillerI found Triangle in Google search for Groundhog Day-style movies and after some searching it seemed right up our alley. A little over the top, a little gorey, a little pretentious and a little Thor!

But we ran into a problem while watching it. We were super into it. Spouting theories and ideas about the time lines and when a loop would end and such. It is not something we do for many movies, I can’t really remember the last time we did something like that for a movie.

The theories ended up being somewhat right while also being wrong, but it turned out to be fun seeing the mystery unraveling itself and offer up twist after twist.

As for drinking I don’t think we drank too much during the flick. No more than two or three beers. This isn’t really a movie to drink to honestly. It’s not bad or dumb enough to get any enjoyment out of drinking hard to it and if you drink to much you will lose the plot right quick.

Review: 4 (Out of 7)I guess when it comes down to it I would recommend watching this. With or without our rules just because it was a fun, interesting watch

Earl Rufus

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