Hangover: Pompeii Review

[After carefully crafting the perfect set of drinking rules, Penguin and Swan embark on reviewing these disastrous films, and sharing the results with the world. Join us!]

Movie: 2

Swan – 1

Pompeii is film comprised of stolen ideas and cliches. This steals from films like Conan the Barbarian, Gladiator, Titanic and every Roland Emmerich disaster film ever. And with everything “borrowed” you would think that this movie would at least be able to hold my attention but no, it fails at that as well. The only redeeming factor of this movie is that some of the action scenes were fun to look at.
Penguin – 3
It may not be the most engrossing film in the world, but it has some pretty decent action throughout the middle portion of the film. The problem is the rest of the movie surrounds it. A plot that never really connected with me, and a disaster/chase that just goes on too long, and is super ridiculous. The movie never quite knows what it wants to be.
Drinking: 2.5
Swan – 3
This movie was an okay film for drinking though nothing compared to some of our past adventures. The number one rule in this was either Everytime someone said Celt or the HAND OF GOD rule. Even with the drinking though it still managed to be very forgettable and boring.
Penguin – 2
Our rules are probably as good as they are going to get, unless you wanna kill yourself with all the deaths in the movie, the movie just has no real flow so our drinking never really had any flow to it. We ended up boredom drinking from time to time, just to you know… drink.

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