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Game of the Year Countdown: April 2010

After the Q1 onslaught was over, the gaming releases started to dry up, I guess game companies never heard the expression April showers. Anyhow, there were a handful of key releases in April so let’s check those out. To the game-o-tron!

Lead and Gold (PC) 7.4

A solid PC release, it was a class-based, team shooter, with some novel concepts. Lack of single player (or maybe haven’t played enough) hurts it in the long run.

Splinter Cell: Conviction (360) 8.5

Several years in the making, Sam Fischer’s latest adventure added some novel twists to the Splinter Cell game play and co-op really help give the franchise new legs.

Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) 8.6

Monster Hunter will notable for being a portable franchise, made its Wii debut in one of the year’s most interesting online titles. Gather a group as you go and slay various monsters. A fun, albeit it tough to get into game.

Dead to Rights: Retribution (PS3/360) 6.2

Not only did I not remember this game came out this year, I don’t even know what its about. I mean sure its a sequel to Dead to Rights, but that’s about as far as I can get.

Nier (Ps3/360) 7.0

This game has gathered quite a cult-following, but I really have no idea about it. I’m only human and this is the start of the summer movie season.

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3/360) 9.1

Pretty much a bonus pack of Street Fighter, I’m not really sure what to call it, it isn’t a sequel, but it isn’t just like a bundled GoTY version. Enhanced perhaps? But still the best fighter on the market.

Like I said, it was a REALLY light month for releases and even lighter for major ones. This one seems pretty easy.

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