The Walking Dead: Episode 5 Wildfire

Tonight I sat down with some friends, altered my mind and prepared myself for the second-to-last episode.

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 – “Wildfire” aired on Sunday November 28th, 2010.

The Gist:
There are some heartwarming moments while people brutally destroy the brains of their former friends – and someone almost gets shotgunned in the forest. A crazy scientist left alone in a building acts crazy.

The Good:
-I liked the change of view when it switched to the scientist. I thought that was interesting.
-While I didn’t like the episode as a whole, everything after the scientist was introduced was my favorite part of the series so far.
– The scientist.
-It’s set up for a really good finale.

The Bad:
– This episode was rather boring.
-The kid who plays Rick’s son. So bad. His crying looks like laughter to me.
-Not enough zombies were killed.
-I kept hoping someone would destroy Jim, and that he wouldn’t leave on an uplifting human note.

Recommendation: Enh. This is an important episode to watch considering it sets up for the finale, but it feels very slow in parts.

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