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From The Hart: Rogueport (Paper Mario: TTYD)

Music is said by many to be the medicine of the mind. It’s a universal healer, motivator, and stimulator. Where games (and other forms of media) are concerned, music has the power to take an ordinary idea and turn it into something truly extraordinary, depending on how it’s used.
For us, video game music can be a link to our lost childhood where we grew up playing iconic games that defined our world of entertainment. It can also open us up to the brilliance of the fact that in video games, music is created to illicit a focused emotional response that’s specific to how the developer wants you to feel during a certain part of the game; almost as if the song playing at the time is your theme. Whether it’s modern or consists the beeps and boops of the 80s, video game music is one of the most integral parts of game’s experience.
-Anthony Gerhart
As many of you know (or I hope you do), Anthony is the on-again/off-again host of Dual Wielding, he also happens to be someone I follow on Twitter. And one of the cooler things I noticed when first following Anthony was that he always enjoyed posting video game music on a daily basis, and sometimes you are reminded of some classic gems and sometimes you hear a magical theme. I just wanted to expand this a bit with our audience so I wanted to take some of the samples he posts up on his Twitter and share em with the site.
So enjoy the first pick!

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