Flashback Saturday: Pac-Man – PJ Goes Hollywood

Get your bowl of cereal ready. Your most comfortable pair of pajamas. Flashback Saturday Morning is back! Every Saturday, we’ll try to bring you an episode from a cartoon of yesteryear. All for the nostalgia. 

With Pixels in theater this weekend, we figured we’d take a look at video game’s somewhat short-lived tenure in the world of Saturday morning cartoons. While we still have Pokemon running strong, and Sonic Boom on air, it doesn’t really compare to the peak that was the late 80s/early 90s for video game cartoons. Everything from Super Mario to Mortal Kombat had an adapted series or two along the way.

For this week’s entry, we felt it would be best to focus on one of the games featured in Pixels… and ironically, one of the shows that actually did a Hollywood-centric episode.

From the 1980s Pac-Man Animated Series, we present PJ Goes Hollywood!

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