The Flash: The Nuclear Man Review

Barry goes after Ronnie when he realizes Caitlin’s fiancé is a dangerous meta-human who attacked a physicist. To track him, Barry visits Dr. Martin Stein who is working on a project called F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. Meanwhile, Barry struggles to balance his duties as the Flash with the relationship he has with Linda Park; and Joe enlists Cisco’s help to reinvestigate the murder of Nora Allen.

  • Seriously, how lazy/indecisive must a person be in order to make their favorite color, stripe. It’s unique, but highly lazy!
  • One of my biggest fears going into The Flash were how would you make the special FX look good on a television budget? Week in, and week out, they find a way to impress me. The Firestorm/Flash fight was just a visual splendor for me. And nice call-out to The Human Torch.
  • Speaking of, the show has come a long way in a short fashion (no speed references, please) in that we get an episode that really isn’t heavy on action. Outside of the initial Firestorm/Flash fight, this episode doesn’t really have a ton of action setpieces. Even having some of his rescues/action happen off-screen/implied. Flash-Caitlin
  • The focus was on characters, and some pretty strong pairings. Barry and Linda make a cute couple, and it seems like the show isn’t gonna drag out their problems as he doubles as a superhero. It was also fun to see Barry, Cisco and Caitlin discuss… Flash’s speed in all aspects of things. A fun, awkward conversation for our Scarlet Speedster.
  • The other big pairing was Cisco and Joe, which I believe was their first major time on-screen together. I don’t necessarily get the science that Cisco exhibited, but it seems like we’re gaining some forward traction in the murder of Nora Allen subplot with the revelation that an adult Barry was there.
  • I guess it was expected, but Iris trying to cock-block Barry just seemed devilish. She now seems upset that her “Safety blanket” now has another girl he cares about. I hope it doesn’t become too much of a thing.
  • Seems like General Eiling and the government shall return. I wonder how much they know about project Firestorm.

A pretty enjoyable episode of the Flash with the focus on pushing forward several with a lighter focus on action and special effects.

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