Gotham: The Scarecrow Review

Gordon and Bullock set out to stop Gerald Crane, a biology teacher who has been harvesting the glands of his murder victims. Meanwhile, after finding herself in an unusual setting, Mooney continues plotting to gain power, and Falcone attempts to change Maroni’s plan for the Penguin. Then, Bruce takes a treacherous hike.

Fish makes moves in her new home. The Penguin makes himself a new nest, and Gordon and Bullock track down the Cranes while Jim deals with a new co-worker.

  • This episode features the first-meeting of Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Riddler and Penguin, on the show and it was delightful. The right amount of awkwardness and marking your territory to really get over this epic encounter. Not to really undersell it, the music in this scene was very delightful. A playful and sinister melody.
  • I liked the little twist on the Scarecrow’s MO in this episode. Instead of trying to inflict into others, Papa Crane was trying to remove the ability to feel fear. And his motivation… fear preventing him from acting while his wife was burning alive was pretty strong and convincing.
  • Speaking of, the show is hardly ever subtle so I chuckled when there was a scarecrow in the background of The Cranes’ scenes, and of course that would play a factor in the climactic scene. Though, I’ve got to say the special effects were actually pretty neat for that scene.
  • Not to be out of the loop, Fish Mooney quickly makes herself at home in her prison. While we don’t see the immediate fallout from last week’s cliffhanger, we do see that she has been captured in some free-roaming prison. She quickly assesses the situation and uses what God gave her to get to the top of the heap. I liked it, Fish has been outplayed most of this season so it was nice to see her get one!
  • Bruce and Alfred have a bigger role in this episode, and it was nice to see Bruce overcome physical pain to begin his journey. But it was even greater that Alfred was just chilling at the top with his fire and tea watching Bruce make the climb. Their relationship is fascinating to watch grow and develop. He isn’t trying to become a surrogate dad, just raise him the only way he knows how. Bruce_Alfred-gotham
  • The whole Jim/Leslie thing was just a bit awkward and forced. First, it was strange that Captain Essen was the only person who didn’t see/hear about their giant makeout session in the station on last week’s episode. Second, it was strange that Jim got all awkward about it when he was the one who suggested she looks into the job to begin with. At least, it seems like the forced drama was only for this week. Loved the fact that Harvey seemed to be loving having Leslie there.
  • Penguin is the luckiest man on the planet. He dodges bullet after bullet, betrayals and double-crosses to live another day, but more than that he always seems to fail upwards. From a lackey, to a spy, to now a club-owner, which also means piece of Mooney’s business. Oswald has had a fascinating rise during season one.

One of Gotham’s rookie season’s strongest episodes. A great introduction of fear and The Cranes. Fantastic meeting of the minds and a real comfortable understanding of their characters arcs.

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