From Fandom with Love: The James Bond Project

James Bond  as a film franchise is turning 50 this year. For anyone who knows me, you would also happen to know that the James Bond franchise is my favorite film franchise, easily. So I thought it only fitting that we do something special to celebrate 50 years of saving the world and to count down to the newest release, Skyfall.

I would like to introduce “From Fandom with Love”, a series which will examine 50 years of Bond movies over the next couple of months. Granted as we like to do here, it would be with a slight twist. I figured after 22 movies, you know what to expect from the Bond franchise, and doing a straight review wouldn’t really help anyone. Instead, we’re gonna mix it up a bit, and that’s the purpose of this introduction is to get you familiar with the format.

Summary– This is pretty self-explanatory, and will most likely just be ripped from Wiki or IMDB. Essentially, just a breakdown of the film’s plots and stuff like that. I do need to offer SOME context.

Grand Scheme 00-Meter– This is slightly different, but does tie into the above. It will be a rating of the main villain’s master plan in the movie. Based on several different criteria such as the scope of the plan, possible success rate and really what’s to gain if they do succeed. There will be other factors as well, but we’re painting in broad strokes.

Also because this is a James Bond project, we won’t be using a normal scale. Instead, we’re actually going to turn to the Goldeneye difficulty scale to help us out. So we’ll have four levels:

  • Agent
  • Secret Agent
  • 00-Agent
  • 007

Obviously the better the plan, the higher the ranking with 007 being the best possible plan. As we go through each  movie, we’ll break down why each scheme got what it did.

Bond Girl– Live and Let Die (Or Turn)- What would a Bond project be without a section dedicated to the Bond girls? This would serve more to examine what happens to them throughout the course of the film. Bond doesn’t have the best track record with all of his sexual conquests being alive at the end of the film. And in the rare occasion (but it does happen), we’ll also examine any turns that a Bond girl takes.

007 Moments– This is a bit general, but it will highlight the most Bond moment of the Bond movie. So this could either be his big action piece or that clever one-liner that stays with you even after the credits roll. It will be very Bond though!

Tomorrow Never Deals– Most Bond projects would focus on his other traits, his fast cars, his love for alcohol or his side kicks, but really I feel like the card scenes never get enough love in the franchise. Which is fairly interesting since there is a card scene in nearly every Bond movie (Off the top of my head only Quantum of Solace doesn’t have one). This segment will highlight the card scene to some extent, maybe tell you which game he is playing, and  in some cases a little bit about it. They do evolve and change as the series progresses because they want to highlight some of the more popular games of the day.

That is roughly the format that each movie will take. Clearly, the project can evolve and change as we go along, but this is our starting point. I hope you join me for the ride!

Bonus: 151 Proof Movies- Shaken, not Stirred Edition– Much like our Project Batman feature this summer, we will also indulge in some James Bond drinking games (if I have to see Diamonds are Forever again, you damn sure better believe alcohol will be involved) so look out for that as well!

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