Elixir Mixer: Nerd Cocktail

Welcome dear adventurer, you’re looking worse for wear. All those random battles got you down? Only a couple hearts left? (Yah freak of nature.) Can’t be expected to defeat the next boss in that condition. What you need is a
Now to create this elixir mixer, you’ll need to acquire three ingredients.
The first one is easy. See that buxomly broad in the corner nursing her drink like it was an injured baby? The one with the large…melons. She’s none other than Countess von Cucurbit, estranged wife of Count Cantaloupe, and part fruit. Well, the count is a complete fruit, hence their current situation. The only fruity thing about her are her melons…which you’re going to have to steal.
Whoa there Romeo, first you got to get her good and drunk. That way you come away with midori, the melon liqueur, and the first part of your quest is complete.
Next it’s off to the Island of Healing for you. The ingredient you’ll find there is key to getting you back into tiptop shape. You’ll find a man dressed all in blue who’ll create the liqueur for you if you bring him the native laraha citrus fruit and agree to work for him during the several days it takes to create it. Usually that just means sheering the herd of giant blue man-eating goats. Oh and stay away from his daughter…she has hooves. If you make it out of there alive you’ll now have blue curaçao liqueur and be two-thirds done with your quest.
The final ingredient is…lemonade.
Lemonade I said. Are you deaf? Jeez, get some damn lemons. I don’t care where from.
Using 1 oz of each pour the midori and blue curaçao into a highball glass with a few ice cubes and then fill with lemonade. Drink it right before heading into the boss’s dungeon and that princess is as good as yours. Hmm, you sure do get around a lot for nerd.

Drink does not look like this

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A surly tavern patron who guides young adventurers on foolhearty missions in order to acquire strange ingredients for powerful potions. He also plays a mean sax.

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