Dual Wielding: Pre-E3 Fan Feedback

As we do every year before e3, we host a big ole show full of rumors, predictions and craziness that is e3. And much like every year, we love to hear from our listeners and fans. We try to include as much as possible on the show.

There are multiple ways to make your voice be heard.

First, as we have open every day, is the Google Voice line. Simply call in and leave a voice message and we’ll include it in the show. The number is 347-470- NERD (6373)

Secondly, if you want you can drop us an e-mail at DW@Nerdsontherocks.com. You can either record yourself sharing your predictions/thoughts or send us a write-up and we’ll read it on-air.

Finally, our social media channels. While I don’t endorse sending your predictions via Twitter (due to character limits), you can find us there as Dual_Wielding. More openly, we also have a Facebook page, which allows for a lot more characters.

Now you know how to reach us, and feel free to leave any message pertaining to e3, but if you are stuck for ideas or want some directions we’re also gonna include some “big” e3 questions for ya.

  • What is Rare’s “historic” game?
  • What “hook” will the 3D Mario have?
  • What sequels do you expect to see from Microsoft?
  • Of their new IPs, what genre would you love to see Microsoft tackle?
  • What games do you hope/wish to be announced for the PS Vita?
  • Who has the most to prove with their press conference?
  • Will The Last Guardian/Final Fantasy Versus XIII be on display?
  • Does Nintendo have another major collab in the works?
  • What is the 3rd Sonic game?
  • What 3rd parties do you expect to see at Sony’s press conference? Microsoft’s?
  • Will David Hayter be revealed as the voice of a Snake in Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain?
  • How much focus will be put on the 3DS during Nintendo’s Direct?
  • What will the major Japanese players have to show?
  • What game do you think will be missing from the show?
  • Who do you foresee stealing the show?
  • What will thatgamecompany show?
  • Is Ninja Theory working on something new?
  • Will we see more of Deep Down?

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