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Ask a Dork: Video Game Adaptations

If you had to lay out a game plan for companies to better adapt video games, what would be your suggestions?

In the context of film studios attempting to adapt well known and established game franchises, I think the answer to this question is pretty obvious: hire a Director/Writer that actually understands the source material.

Anyone who knows me well will recognize that the Silent Hill film is essentially the bane of my fanboy existence. Konami made the idiotic move of giving their greatest story-driven franchise to a pretentious Director and lackluster Screenwriter. The result was a film that both misrepresented one of my most cherished video games and took more liberties than Halle Berry’s Catwoman. A sad story, but unfortunately not uncommon.

Most video game movies do a poor job of representing their source material. Studios buy the rights to successful IPs and then attempt to broaden the film’s reach by making alterations that better fit general audiences. Suddenly an M-rated games like Mortal Kombat are definitively tweaked to appeal to a PG-13 audience, thus eliminating any semblance to the bloody material it was supposedly based on.

These changes are made for money’s sake and the only people that could possibly shoot the studios’ choices down are competent Directors and Writer that actually understand what the film is supposed to represent.

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