Ask a Dork: What is Canada

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“As a Canadian, what films would you recommend to an outsider to get a good perspective on life in the Great White North?”

Watch American films. Seriously, a lot of American movies are filmed exclusively in Canada. Twilight was filmed in BC, Blades of Glory was filmed in Quebec, Titanic was filmed in Nova Scotia, The Incredible Hulk and A Christmas Story were both filmed in Ontario, Brokeback Mountain was filmed in Alberta as were Interstellar and Inception, and all of the original Superman movies were filmed in the Great White North as well.

Canadian culture is not unlike American culture. We like the same TV shows, musicians, video games, and comics. Our cities are built alike, and the temperature up here isn’t that different. We’re more susceptible to snow, sure, but everything up here from the cars to the parks to the street signs looks the same as it does in America. Well, for the most part. Let’s look at more examples.

Good Will Hunting. You know, that movie that is famous for its Boston setting? Not filmed in Boston. Filmed in Toronto, Ontario. Harold & Kumar go to White Castle was filmed in a province that hilariously enough didn’t have any White Castles. American Psycho was supposed to be set in New York City, but everything from the corporate settings to the skyscrapers was 100% Canadian. Hell, “Once upon a time in America” was filmed in Quebec.

Canada is basically America. We just have colder temperatures, free healthcare, less air pollution, a longer average lifespan, and the lowest rates of assault in the world. Oh, and there are Tim Hortons.

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