DC Film Universe: The Justice League

The Justice League

We begin with a flash back thousands of years ago with a peaceful Martian race. They avoid violence at all costs. They have many “powers” including super strength, shape-shifting, invisibility, flight, and telepathy. Suddenly several meteors strike the surface of the planet, several white creatures emerge. These beings announce they are part of a clan from a planet that was destroyed and are looking for refuge. The Green Martians welcome these aliens with open arms. The visitors become violent and start attacking the Martians after the clan has built a tower to house their race. They begin by stealing the powers of several Martians which through the interconnected web of their tower allows the whole race obtaining their abilities.

The once peaceful race is overrun by these white aliens. The Martians decide to attack one final time. Using a special gas developed by J’onn J’onzz to paralyze the clan, a final group of survivors attack the tower and are able to get a significant amount of gas off in the “heart” of the tower causing the clan to be in a suspended state of animation. As J’onn celebrates his victory he notices he is the only survivor. He then begins to seal these creatures off underground forever, but it takes thousands of years. Once finished J’onn flies to Earth where he vows to help save a planet, but he crashes on earth in Roswell and is captured by the government and kept sedated in a bunker.

We then cut to a rocket launch, where Lex Luthor is being interviewed saying, “I agree with WayneTech creating the satellite for their Watchtower incentive to look over the galaxy to find threats to earth, but that is years off. LexCorp is landing this vessel on Mars to drill deeper then any craft before to find if Mars had life and if so what caused its destruction.” He grins and we see the craft begin drilling on Mars when suddenly an explosion occurs and a white hand emerges from the hole.

We suddenly see J’onn’s eye open in the government bunker.

We see Clark Kent, following lois lane with two coffees in his hand that he spills. She is racing to a fire to cover the story, when they arrive Clark hears a woman scream. He makes an excuse and flies off to rescue the woman from the fire, as he flies in he sees a bright like and several images he hears the word “Help” when he collects himself he rescues the woman who was screaming help. He lands and she thanks him.

We then go to Paradise Island, where Wonder Woman has been living happily despite Earth having been other occurrences she could have helped out on. She tells her mother she is glad she is back on the island and maybe one day she will return to help the humans but she wants to stay and do her duty as princess for as long as possible. She awakes one morning and tells her mom she has a feeling Earth is in trouble and her time might be cut short, but for now she will stay.

Finally, we cut to a dark alley were a major drug deal is going on. The men look around, one says, “lets make it quick and not make it messy.” Suddenly a batarang hits a man as Batman swoops down and grabs the second man. He tells him Gotham has someone new to fear, the man asks who he is. “I’M BATMAN!”.

A few weeks later, Alfred calls Batman on his bat plane and tells him that there is a break in a one of the WayneTech buildings in Coast City. Bruce says he is on it. When he arrives he sees, two people messing with the satellites owned by WayneTech Batman sees that they seem to be extremely strong breaking open several doors to get into the main computer room. Batman sees their true form as white looking aliens, from before Superman arrived on Earth. Hiding in the darkness planning his attack Batman is suddenly blinded by a bright green light that flies in and attacks the intruders Only to be knocked back exposing Batman’s position. Batman attacks only to be knocked away himself before the creatures flee. This causes Batman to scream at person for giving away his position. Green Lantern looks at him and says who are you supposed to be? Before realizing that he is the Shadow that has been trying to fix Gotham. Batman tells him that he could have figured out how to attack them if his damn light wouldn’t have given away his position.

Meanwhile, Superman still struggling with odd visions every now and then, gets notified of a large object headed toward Earth. Superman sees the object enter the atmosphere and goes to stop it from impacting Central City, but again the vision disrupts him and he cannot stop the meteor from impacting the city. Within moments the flash arrives. Superman tells him that he is going to clean up this mess and could use assistance from Flash. As they get closer to the giant rock, out come thousands of the White Martians, who begin attacking.

Hal who is still with batman gets notified from his ring that there is trouble in Central City. He tells batman who responds that he works alone and that he thought Green Lantern could handle anything. Hal flies off, when Alfred calls Bruce and tells him that things are troubling and since it is nighttime in Central City he should take the batwing over there and investigate the situation.

Hal arrives and begins firing constructs at the Martians, who seem to be building some sort of structure and going inside of it. The structure is producing a thick cloud that will block out the sun when it rises. Superman finally has a vision and sees Martian Manhunter locked in a government facility. Just as the White Martians begin attacking, Superman leaves Flash and Green Lantern on their own. Fearing defeat, Flash tells Hal they should leave, just then in comes batman in the batwing and fires on the Martians. This distraction allows Flash and Green Lantern to escape unnoticed, but draws attention to Batman. We see him get shot down.

Superman arrives to the government STAR Labs facility, and sees the door already ripped open and proceeds with caution. As he flies in to the room they are keeping J’onn he sees a familiar face, Wonder Woman assisting J’onn out of the restraints. Superman begins assisting her, and asks how she knew he was here. She tells him that she had visions from him and knew it was time for her to leave Paradise Island and help Earth, beginning by saving J’onn. As they make their way out of the complex J’onn begins gaining strength and tells them that he is the last Martian and can assist with stoping the “White Invaders”. As they get out they are surrounded by troops with Lex ordering them to stop them at all costs. J’onn is able to teleport them out of there, but after is extremely weak, and begins telling Superman and Wonder Woman the tale of how he defeated them the first time.

Flash and Green Lantern meet up with Green Arrow, and tell him how Batman is real and was there and saved them. Ollie and Hal seem to hit it off from the beginning and start thinking of ways that they can save Earth. Suddenly Superman, Wonder Woman and J’onn arrive and J’onn introduces himself. Wonder Woman tells them how J’onn had called to her and how she wants to help stop these things. J’onn tells them that the only way will be to destroy the central structure that links them all together. Superman asks where Batman is, this is when Flash tells him he fears Batman may have sacrificed himself to save Green Lantern and Flash. J’onn tells them then need to work their way to the center of the structure and shut it down then they can begin attacking them individually since they will not all have one “mind.”

We see Batman emerge from a destroyed Batwing outside of Central city, the view he sees in awful, the city is covered in darkness and the Clan is taking over and they continue to grow.
Batman has had time to build a small batcaves near most major cities for just such a problem. There is one nearby and he contacts Alfred and informs him what had happened. He says he believes he has a plan to take these things down. He tells him the only way will be to team up with the other heroes and save earth.

J’onn feels Batman’s presence and tells Superman that he knows Batman is alive, and is willing to help and they should go to him. Superman agrees, but Hal says, “We don’t need him, plus he has no powers how is he gonna help. No offense Green Arrow.” Superman tells him, “Batman is great with detective skill, plus since the sun is knocked out my powers will be limited, Batman is good at keeping to the shadows and will help us enter unnoticed.” After more debate they decided to go with J’onn to meet with batman in his cave.

Once there batman wastes no time and tells them that he finds it odd that they blocked out the sun and thinks the sun could be their weakness, he says if they can find a way to stop the clouds they might be able to stop these things, J’onn introduces himself and fills Batman in on how they are all connected. Batman suggests then splitting up with one team going to stop the central communication link and the other at stopping the clouds. He just doesn’t want the Green Lightening Bug on his team to blow his cover. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Superman on one team. Batman, The Flash, J’onn on the other. J’onn tells them that if they disconnect the link the clouds will shut down, but they must give it time for the sun to break through. With teams entering from different areas there will be hopes that one will succeed if the other fails.

Batman, The Flash and J’onn enter from the North and the others enter from the South. The closer Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Superman get, Superman begins feeling the effects from the lack of the yellow sun. He tells the others that he will have enough power to fight but if he gets hurt or they are there to long he could have problems. Using techniques for hiding as Batman had suggested they enter the complex unnoticed. Meanwhile Batman, J’onn and Flash run in to some trouble right outside the complex but are able to take care of it quickly, thanks to Flash. Now with both teams inside they realize there more hundreds of thousands of these Clan members and that this might be more complex then they thought. We see Wonder Woman lasso one of the clan members and ask the way the central core, the captive does not answer right away, it has strong will but eventually cracks to the power of the lasso, and tells them where to go. Meanwhile, J’onn leads the way and goes though walls to check if the cost is clear before batman and the flash enter. We get several scenes of both teams battling several clan members and seeing how each works as a team. As team Superman gets closer them seem to be on the more heavily guarded side and as they fight, Superman gets noticeably weaker, mainly has trouble recovering from hits he takes. They are able to fight more and more of the attacking Clan members, which seem to be drawing them away from Team Batman. J’onn tells Batman that the “heart” of the complex is in the next room, it will be up to him and Flash to complete the task and he must go aid the others. Flash wants to just rush in and sever the connection, while Batman wants to continue working to get in there unnoticed. As they discuss their options, we see our other heroes.

The other heroes are getting overwhelmed with the number of attacking Clan members. Hal puts up a shield to help protect them as the try to push forward but realize that they might not be able to succeed. J’onn appears and tells them it is okay to back away and regroup. This was part of his and Batman’s plan to have them be the distraction, this upsets Hal. This is why J’onn could not tell them, he says “Hal you guys are the most powerful beings in the universe you must keep the Clan members focused on you to give Batman and Flash a chance.

In the central room batman uses a batarang to sever the connection while flash rushes in and grabs the main power source that it was connected to. Flash knows he must rush out and leave Batman. With the power source in hand Flash rushes to the only safe area he can go with it, Sunlight. Batman tries to hide except he is spotted. As the Clan becomes aware that they might be defeated, they abandon Superman and the others and make for Batman, who is above in the central room. We see Batman get swarmed by Clan members.

Flash gets to sunlight and the power cell breaks, causing the clouds to begin to be penetrated by the sun. It appears that Batman is defeated, until a blast of green light breaks the floor causing Batman to get free of the attackers. As they begin fighting as a team, flash returns and tells them that the power battery is destroyed, and the clouds are breaking apart. Green Arrow fires several explosive arrows in the ceiling allowing sunlight to pour in, causing the Clan members to burn to ash. Our heroes try to round up and and all of the White “Martians” and destroy them in the sunlight, a few manage in escape and go into the sea to avoid the sun.

Flash and Green Lantern use their powers to begin the rebuilding process, while Superman and Wonder Woman get rid of all of the alien remains and structures.

We then see them all together in the Batcave, Superman suggests that there could be more such attacks like this on Earth, and the only way to keep it safe is if we all agree to form a team that vows to protect Earth at all costs. Wonder Woman, “I agree”, Flash “I’m in”, Green Arrow “Me too” Green Lantern “Sure I can handle another team.” Jo’nn and Batman remain silent. Superman, “What do you two say?” Batman, “I prefer to work alone” J’onn, “I am the last remaining Martian I don’t know if I can.” Superman, “J’onn I can relate and don’t you think we need to protect another plant from distinction? We need you.” J’onn “This is true I guess you can count me in” Superman looks to Batman, “Only when the situation gets out of control like it did this time.” Superman, “Great! Welcome to the Justice League!” Credits

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A fisherman is out at sea and notices bubbles rising on the surface of the water. He looks and sees a white figure. It is one of the Clan members with a trident through its chest. We get a glimpse of orange.

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3 Responses

  1. Flemzy says:

    While, I can’t say I’ve read this word for word, I’d say its a decent idea. I myself have attempted to write a JL film and I know it quite difficult. Here are some key point of what I though:

    -This is largely based on the first episode of the JL cartoon right? And I mean heavily based, right? It’s a decent concept; I also considered something of Martian Manhunter’s past being the concept of the story.

    -I dont think Green Arrow needs to be here. I think six characters are enough. Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonderwoman and GL (hopefully Hal Jordan) are musts. And then particular on the story I’d go with either MM or Cyborg. I do like GA but he doesn’t much does he. I’d save him for a later film or something.

  2. Anna says:

    I would like to find the name of the artist who did the stencil of the Justice League.
    Is there a link that to an artist page that could be provided?

  3. Anna says:

    Reiterating my question. I would like to find the artist that created the photograph above of the Justice League.

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