The DC Animated Chronicles: Justice League: Paradise Lost

Unlike Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman wasn’t given a traditional origins tale during the Timmverse run. When we are first introduced to Wonder Woman, she leaves her home to join the heroes during the big alien invasion that kicked off Justice League, and she kind of becomes one of the characters in the show.

Instead of going back and trying to give her an origin episode, the creators do several Dianne-centric episodes, and the first of which goes more into her background and a better introduction of Themiscrya and its inhabitants.

The Summary:

Wonder Woman, with help from the Justice League teammates, must attempt to save Themyscira from an evil god.


This was a fun look at Wonder Woman’s character while being a weak “origin” tale. Since it had to work within the context of a Justice League episode, there are of course several Leaguers running around, but they do a great job of keeping the focus on Wonder Woman. You learn a ton about her including her power, ability, loyalty, nobility and even her grace in ultimate exile.

The big dissapointment of this episode would be that since the Amazonians are turned to stone for most of the episode, we aren’t given more insight into their world and their customs until the very end and even then it isn’t a ton to go into. Granted, it would be a location and ideal we revisit later on in the series.

Memorable Moments:

There are two stand-out moments for me in this episode.

The first is Wonder Woman talking to herself while flying home and trying to come up with the perfect excuse to tell her mother. I found it extremely enduring and adorable.

The second is the first big Superman vs Wonder Woman fight, though they are both not in their right minds.

Next up on the DC Animated Chronicles: Batman Year One (DTV)


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