Conan: Road of Kings issue 9


Here, we have a story that is based upon an old Conan novel written by Karl Edward Wagner also titled “The Road of Kings”. So the comic book adaptation is finally upon us! The story thus far…Conan made some friends and finds himself fighting a horde of what seem to be The Undead. How in the name of CROM will our hero win? Well…you’re just going to have to read this book. Because I’m not telling!

My take:
Dark Horse has been making Conan comics for awhile now and for some reason…I don’t buy them. I mean, you’d think a guy who buys 50+ titles a month would make room for his favorite barbarian. Well, I will make room now because I enjoyed this issue immensly. For me, this was pure nostalgia. I can eplain why with 2 words. Roy Thomas.
Roy Thomas scripted this issue and hot damn, it must have been like coming home for him. Roy is no stranger to Conan. I believe it was Roy and Barry Windsor Smith who started the Marvel line of Conan books, a long time ago. So the first thing that struck me was how Conan talked. That’s my old Conan in this book. And I love it.
Dan Panosian was on art duty and once again, I loved it. His fight pages are easy to follow and real easy on the eyes. For me, his art style suits this story nicely. Add in Dan Jacksons colors and we have art that looks good enough to eat!

Recomendation: Buy this book. I’m kicking my own ass for not getting in to this particular title earlier. I even believe that one could jump in on any issue and pick up what is going on. Fun stuff!

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