Comic Book Club: Amazing Spider-man 699 Discussion

[Comic Book Club, a weekly discussion, every Wednesday about comics. The conversation can focus on newly released comics, big news of the week or just general comic talking points.]

To encourage proper discussion, all readers should tag their tweets with #CBCT (Comic Book Club on Twitter) it’s short enough to not steal away too many characters and diverse enough not to be confused with other discussions. This way not only do you get to partake in the discussion, but can hopefully find other interesting comic readers to follow.

This week, there was really no contest on which book we would be discussing. With issue 700 rapidly approaching, and with the events of issue 698, Amazing Spider-man has become the most discuss book of the comic world. This issue was no different, giving us a lot of story, introducing a final thread and some fun visual gags.

As always, discussion is up to whatever you want it to be, but I will get the ball rolling with some general questions you can answer! And yes, there will be spoilers. Hard to avoid, really.

  1. What did you think of the writing? The art in the book?
  2. Do you feel the sequence of events depicted in the book makes logically sense as to where Peter and Doc Ock ended up?
  3. What did you think of the scene with Aunt May? Did you laugh or find it gross?
  4. Do you find Peter’s usage of the Octobot wise? Have his teammates in the Avengers or Fantastic Four or really any superhero not dealt with mind-switching before?
  5. What do you see happening in issue 700?

Like I said, these are only to get the ball rolling. I hope conversation naturally continues. And remember to tag tweets with #CBCT so that others can follow along.

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