25 Days of Christmas: A Comic-Al Christmas 3

One of the traditions here during our 25 Days of Christmas celebrations is to post various comic book covers and panels dealing with the holiday. Sadly, those don’t happen too often, and we will do our best to find and post some of the best. This year to mix it up a bit, we’re gonna also share some custom comic related images with you. The Clown Prince of Crime just can’t get past ruffling The Batman’s feathers even during the holiday season! The season must be a bit lonely for our favorite Caped Crusader. He did lose his family when he was just a child.. Though, he does have a soft side as well You ever wondered how Santa makes it across the globe in a single night? What if he had a friend that was quicker than a speeding bullet? Let’s get some Marvel love going! He is now Superior, but when he was just Amazing, Spider-man palled around with the Hulk, and Hulk loves presents! But Spider-man isn’t the only person who puts the Hulk in a festive mood. The Hulk visits the Jolly Man every once in a while as well! We LOVE L’il Gotham here on the site, but Dustin’s talents don’t end at that book. Check out this awesome piece of holiday art he has done.

Even an Amazonian Princess celebrates Christmas.. even if she prays to vastly different sets of gods.. I’m not sure how this one works.

It seems like Wonder Woman isn’t the only one guilty of this crime, here is Thor and Loki getting into the spirit with Odin playing Santa… *Ponders* What is right with this scene?

That will do it for the third annual Comic-Al Christmas. Wishing you and yours the very best from Nerds on the Rocks!

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