Comic Review: Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Christian Duce
Colorist: Allen Passalaqua

Nearly a week after “Wonder Woman” made her first solo silver screen outing, DC delivers this one-shot in the dead week between issues #23 and #24 of the Greg Rucka-WW STpenned main series. The opening scene has Trevor in the clutches of some “meninist” terrorists before┬áhis┬áAmazonian bae┬ácrashes the scene and cracks some misogynistic skulls. From the cover I assumed Ms. Prince and Steve would be kicking ass and taking names together but it’s not long before Mr. Trevor is whisked away on his own separate mission. As a treat to viewers of the recent film (and perhaps as an extended greeting to curious newbie fans looking to dive into the character) Steve’s modern day team is identical to┬áthe one he has in the film: names, ethnicities, and skill sets preserved (don’t think about continuity too hard – it’s a comic book).

Given the comedic opening with the titular power couple taking out buffoonish goons and a title page that reads “Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend Steve Trevor In…” I wouldn’t have faulted the comic for continuing on a firmly light-hearted track. But once Steve links up with his crew, we get an “A-Team”-esque rescue mission as they battle┬áSaturna and the Crimson Men. Seeley’s characterizations and jokes keep what could have been a very bland premise engaging but it was the art that really sucked me in. The facial expressions are especially on point. There is a 3 panel sequence where Steve goes from being strangled, to being released and super pissed-off, to finally delivering a mean hook to a deserving baddie – all superbly depicted. Dare I say I enjoyed the visuals here more than I have in some of the “Wonder Woman” Rebirth books.

Seeley gives all members of the team time to shine and let off a few laughs, but is able to keep the story on track for a somewhat serious finale. I don’t think the world is clamoring for a “Steve Rogers and his Howling Commandos” series but if their appearances in the main title (or in a few more one shots) are anything like this I’m game.

Review 5 (out of 7) –┬áa fun, self-contained adventure with Wondy’s bae & co. accompanied by some fantastic art.

Dan Crotty

Dan Crotty is a Los Angeles immigrant who loves great stories, IPA, and Hot Cheetos. IG: dannylarusso

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