Comic Book Review: Samurai Jack #6

Samurai Jack #6

Written by: Jim Zub

Art by: Brittney Williams

Colors by: Josh Burcham

Letters by: Shawn Lee  

Samurai Jack #6 begins with the scent of newness and continues on baggage free journey as this series continues to be a delightful, entertaining read. Unfortunately for Jack, new adventures always come at a cost.

Jim Zub amazes me with his ability to take a storyline that seems relatively thin on the surface and turns it into a rich, thick, personality and character driven tale that never drags its feet. In this issue Jack embarks on a new quest to help his friend the Scottsman have some deception undone and what we get is a solid and fun read about double crossing and trickery. The story moves at a nice pace and delivers tons of character idiosyncrasies that give this book its meaty heft. It’s the characters that we’re here for and they deliver. The best part about this book is the creativity that’s on display. Weird, wacky things happen to odd, crazy characters and it’s fun and enjoyable.

The art team of Brittney Williams and Josh Burcham is charming and charismatic. Williams follows the typical design and structure that Samurai Jack is known for but she adds a dash of her own style in the form of geometric shapes and eye-guiding backgrounds that force you to explore each panel. Panel designs and layouts have vast variation and keep the story moving nicely. Her characters are explosive and expressive giving them an animated, kinetic feel.  Burchams colors continue to be communicative and emotional as he proceeds to blend hues and fill the issue with the spectrum of the rainbow. From subtle to bold, these pages grab your eyes.

Score: 6 (out of 7)

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