Christmas on the Rocks: Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For most of us. While many get ready for the holiday season with great joy and smiles, there is one man who needs to work harder than anyone else during this time period, and that is one Mr. Santa Claus. Sure, he brings joys and warmth to millions around the world, he also has the daunting task of dividing the world’s population into a “Naughty or Nice” list.

That’s a lot of work and a ton of pressure for one man so we’re here this year to help him out just a bit with our own Naughty or Nice list.

We aren’t Santa Claus, and we aren’t in contact with him (that we’ll tell anyhow) so we did our best to guesstimate how he does his list sort. We took into account both actions, intentions and overall change in behavior. We’ve discovered it is all situational, but we will do our best to explain our picks!


Man of Steel

Superman/Clark Kent – This was a tough nut to crack. Ultimately, we had to lean on the side of intentions, and ends justifying the means, yes he kills a man, but his direct action saved the lives of at least 4 people and countless millions were spared! (NICE)

General Zod – Intentions vs actions, he was born and bred to protect Krypton and its people, and it was the only purpose he had in life. His intentions were noble, but his actions caused countless deaths and if he had succeed would have resulted in the genocide of several species! (NAUGHTY)


Oliver Queen/The Hood – He started off the year as a murder, as the months went on, he softened up a bit and decided to just rough people up a bit, but he did recently kill again. Also when the going got tough, he decided to abandon his city in its greatest time of need. This was a tough one, but (NAUGHTY)

Malcolm Merlyn – Mass murder, destruction of parts of a city, bribery and cheating death. There’s no real conflict here. (NAUGHTY)

Breaking Bad

Walter White – Murder. Extortion. Blackmail. Redemption. Freedom. (NAUGHTY)

Jesse Pinkman – Jesse has always been a tough cookie to read, he seems unhinged, but his motives seem to gotten purer as he went on. This wasn’t a good year for him, being forced into a manner of slavery, seeing his girlfriend shot and of course being freed by his former boss. That said, he didn’t burn down Walt’s house and did set up an operation to finally put him behind bars. (NICE)

The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen – Heartfelt speeches about the death of her friend. Returning to the Hunger Games and putting Peeta before her. The Mockingjay rises! (NICE)

Peeta Mellark – “To thine own heart be true,” Peeta puts his personal feelings aside for the betterment of his fellow men even if it kills him inside. He also willingly signs up to return to the Hunger Games after barely surviving the first. (NICE)

President Snow – We haven’t seen someone in power want a young girl dead this bad since the days of Snow White. The fact that he is and has killed anyone who gets in the way of his power, makes this fairly easy for Santa. (NAUGHTY)

Super Mario 3D World

Mario – A man who is always ready to be thrust into action and save the day with no expectations other than doing what it right and needed. (NICE)

Luigi – This is the Year of Luigi, how can it be anything else for him! (NICE)

Princess Peach – Finally free from the clutches of her captors for a single game, she doesn’t use it as a chance to reign hell on them or their emperor. Instead continues to carry herself as a dignified royalty. (NICE)

Pacific Rim

Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori – I would split them up, but going to say the same exact thing for both. Putting personal interest aside for the betterment of all mankind and being willing to sacrifice themselves as the ultimate end-games makes this an easy one. (NICE)

Game of Thrones

The Lannisters – You just don’t ruin someone’s wedding… you just don’t. And that isn’t their only offense! (NAUGHTY!)

The Walking Dead

Rick – He tried. And ultimately that is all you can ask for. A just man in an unjust world, and everything hanging so thinly by a thread, but he tries. (NICE)

Carol – This is where intention and actions and results are all jumbled up. Her intentions were noble, her actions were not, and as a result it forced some of the residents into an awkward position after the dust was settle. This is a thin line, but (NAUGHTY)

Doctor Who

The Doctor – The Doctor Always lies, but Galifrey Falls No More! (NICE!)

The Call

Jordan Turner – Not everyone goes beyond the call of duty, but that’s exactly what this emergency operator does to save the life of an innocent teenager. (NICE)

Wonderful 101

Wonder Red – Noble to a fault, but a fearless leader who rallies his troops and protects the Earth! (Wonderize-NICE!)

Wonder Blue – He made many taste the steel of his valiuntium blade, but he broke the cardinal rule and abandoned his team during the toughest times to pursue a personal vendetta! (NAUGHTY)

The Wolverine

Wolverine – He says it himself, he’s the best in the world at what he does, and what he does isn’t nice! (NAUGHTY)

A Good Day to Die Hard

John McClane – Really, just for making us suffer through a 5th movie in this beloved franchise! (NAUGHTY)


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