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Awards of the Year Categories

We set up the Red Phone so that our listeners/readers/fan would be able to voice their opinion on the podcast, but also their favorite Movie and Game of the Year. Today, we present to you a full rundown of awards we plan on giving out (so far, subject to change) if you wanted to chime in those as well. As always you can reach the Red Phone at 347 470 NERD (6373)

Movie Awards

  1. Best/Worst Movie of the Year
  2. Best/Worst Character of the Year
  3. Best Blu/DVD Release
  4. Best Chase/Fight/Action Scene
  5. Best Chick Flick (The Ellis Award)
  6. Best Ex-Military Elite Team-up Movie
  7. Best Comic Book Based Movie
  8. Best Villain
  9. Best Animated Movie

Video Game Awards

  1. Best/Worst Game
  2. Best Weapon
  3. Best game that got you fired (Game from a studio that closed down)
  4. Best/Worst Character
  5. Best Delay/Most Painful
  6. Best Franchise Revival
  7. Best Licensed Game
  8. Biggest Disappointment
  9. Best Gadget/Item
  10. Best Motion Controlled Game
  11. Best Soundtrack
  12. Biggest Surprise (game quality)
  13. Most Innovative
  14. Best Original Game Mechanic
  15. Best Subtitle
  16. Best Boss Fight
  17. Worst Box Art
  18. Best Port
There you go, not all of these will make it to the air, but chime in with your thoughts and you don’t need to answer them all. Would be one LONG voicemail.

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